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 A pinup sex kitten with a whole lotta sleaze.

This bombshell proves blondes do have more fun. 

This international seductress has bumped the grind at notable shows all over!! She’s a classic burlesque dancer aka the vintage stripper - Its Miss Baby Daisy 

 Heavily inspired by the Hollywoods golden era, MGM musicals and vintage glamour.

Her performances are filled with cinematic charm,  expression and charisma. 

Baby Daisy flourishes classic styles with unapologetic sass, sleaze and pure filthy tease.

She presents her passion for costume design, with larger than life feathers, endless crystals and dramatised ensembles. 


Baby Daisy's musical theatre training leads her quality of performance polished to a high standard and since graduating she has performed full time across the country as well as internationally. 

Baby Daisy specialises in vintage inspired modelling and content creation. Since her first photoshoot in 2014, her portfolio has bloomed with endless magazine features including worldwide covers and interviews.

She is represented by the U.Ks leading pinup agency, The Pinup Academy and has also collaborated with international's recognised photographers and brands. 


 She's the sweetest bad ass with a whole lotta sleaze. Bringing vintage sounds to modern day North West England, Baby Daisy the gritty blues rockabilly singer, who writes with unapologetic subjects and taboo themes. Born scouser with a heart full of soul, but she made the move to Manchester, to show the bumble bee whats good in rock 'n' roll. Criticality acclaimed burlesque performer and award winning pinup girl, and now she's ready to follow her path in the music. Bringing her fresh unique sound to audiences and introducing them to the mid-century style blues music.

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