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A burlesque class based in Liverpool city centre.  The perfect blend of fitness, fun, and empowerment. In this class you'll learn the art of burlesque tease from routines to striptease, choreography, performance skills, technique, and industry tips. But that's not all! Baby Daisy also includes a fitness and flexibility training suitable for all levels, making weekly exercise both sassy and enjoyable. Join us for a month of learning tease and self-expression, led by the award winning burlesque artist Miss Baby Daisy. 

Each course lasts three weeks, starting the first Wednesday of each month and every month has a different theme. Every class will have a fun energetic warm up, a burlesque routine and a sensual yoga infused cool down. Students of all levels, ages, colours, body shapes and genders are welcomed with open arms into our comfortable, empowering and relaxed environment. 


Burlesque history, industry and performance tips, holistic teachings and self empowerment is added in when learning choreography. Some students want to pursue a career in burlesque, some students are currently full time in the industry, some students come to meet like minded people and others come for exercise or fun. Whatever your reason, it's a fun way of inviting that feel good energy to your Wednesday evening. 

When booking your course you can either book the 7-8pm class or 8-9pm class, both classes have the same routine. Most of my intermediate students choose the 8-9pm class so in this class, I add in extra optional moves for the routine, but other than that its the same class just split into two because of studio space. 

Cut off date for booking all courses is the day before the first class. Website does not allow late bookings so make sure you grab your spot the before the deadline date. 


Yearly programme;


November 2023 - Chair Tease ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


December 2023 - Showgirl Style ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


January 2024 - Broadway energy ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


February 2024 - Sensual and stretch ( TWO WEEK COURSE ) 


March 2024 - No classes ( Spring break ) 


April 2024 - Floor tease ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


May 2024 - Rock 'n' Roll burly ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


June 2024 - Classic Burlesque style ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


August 2024 - Prop work ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


September 2024  - STR!PTEASE ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


October 2024  - Spooktacular ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 


November 2024 - Showcase your burlesque ( ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) AND SHOW DATE ) 


December 2024 - Showgirl style ( THREE WEEK COURSE ) 

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